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Theword is an application that has been specifically designed for the study of the Holy Bible, it lets you read and compare different verse of the Bible, viewing commentaries by different authors and in different languages.

The application lets you carry out geography studies thanks to its numerous maps on events that have taken place in the Bible.

The program's interface is very similar to 'E-Sword's, also developed by 'Christian Web Resources", although this one is faster in loading the modules and ins searching, plus it also contains more customiation and configurstion options.

Theword is desgined for anyone and can be useful for daily reading or as a Bible study tool. It can thus be used by: catholics, christians, adventists, and just anyone from any religion or beliefs system.

The sword is a very useeful bible study tool with which users will be able to acces tons of religious content from a simple and practical interface.
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